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Important Westside Updates (Budget meeting, Fellowship Meal, Outreach)

Westside Update – March 22, 2019

Budget Meetings
This year we will have two budget meetings for the 2019 budget. One is a detailed meeting, and the other is the summarized meeting. The detailed meeting is taking place for members only on Saturday morning on March 30th at 9 am. The meeting will be lead by the church treasurer(s). The summary meeting will be taking place Sunday after service on April 7th. The time to ask detailed questions is on March 30th at 9 am, not April 7th when the budget will be summarized for the entire congregation.

Fellowship Meal
We will have a special catered fellowship meal on March 31st. Please be sure to make time to stay for this exceptional service. Members are encouraged to bring desserts and dishes for any specific dietary restrictions. There will be vegetarian options and meat options.

Outreach Opportunities for 2019
We have a few outreach opportunities we’d like to make you aware that you can participate in this year.

  • Get interviewed for the church podcast. Yes, Westside is starting a podcast. This means that we are seeking Westside members to interview to learn about their life. The podcast is a way that we can get to know Westside. The interview can be about your work or career, volunteering that you do, it can also be about what you do or have done at Westside. Please volunteer to be interviewed for the podcast so that we can learn about each other.
  • Facebook Live Streaming our services. We need someone who can use a mobile device well enough to live stream our church services on our Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page and a phone with a basic understanding on how to operate them this will work for you.
  • Westside Street Team. We need people who are willing to beat streets regularly to spread the gospel, inform the community about Westside events, and encourage our neighbors.

We hope you will consider helping with one of these opportunities. Please let us know.

New Online Bible Study Starting
We have a new online Bible study beginning on April 3rd. The topic is: “Jesus and Social Ethics: Engaging a Troubled World with the Message of Jesus Christ.” If you are new to our online Bible study class, please register at www.JesusAndSocialEthics.com


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